Rent a Dodge Challenger SRT-8

rent a dodge challenger

Rent a Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Per Day Rate
399€ / Day 250km
Per Weekend Rate
899€ / Weekend 600km
Extra KM
automatic transmission
Bose sound system
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    Why you should rent this Dodge Challenger

    The new Dodge-Challenger with its roaring V8 is simply the remake of a real classic. The idol of this retrofit was the original 1971 Dodge Challenger but with an all-new chassis and served now by an even more powerful HEMI-V8 with 489 hp.

    Not just any Dodge: The SRT-8 with HEMI-V8-power!

    Now at the modern version the interior and build quality can finally compare with its European rivals. But the reason why people want to rent a Dodge Challenger remains still the same: Some real muscle car feeling and blasting performance figures remember you on the good old times of US car manufacturing!

    technical specifications

    • 6.4 liter V8-engine
    • 489 hp
    • rear-wheel-drive
    • 0-100 km/h in 4,7s
    • top speed over 280 km/h

    locations:  Leipzig, Hannover, Karlsruhe

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