Rent a Tesla Model 3 Performance in Salzburg

rent a tesla model 3 performance in salzburg

Rent a Tesla Model 3 Performance in Salzburg

Per Day Rate
399€ / Day 300km
Per Weekend Rate
999€ / Weekend 1.000km
Per Week Rate
1.499€ / week 1.500km
Airport Transfer
99€ Salzburg Airport
Extra KM
turbine wheels
upgrade audio system
sport suspension
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    Rent a Tesla Model 3 Performance in Stuttgart

    The main concern of the design of Model 3 is safety. The metal cabin assures impact protection and low rollover risk. The combination of aluminum and steel guarantee the strength of the rigid structure on top. Model 3 Performance comes with multiple options, among which are all-wheel-drive, performance breaks, and überturbine wheels. The solid carbon fiber spoiler provides an opportunity for Model 3 to gain acceleration only in 3.1 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. Besides, Tesla Model 3 owns a dual motor for powerful performance and redundancy. Model 3 is fully electric and eco-friendly; the main advantage of the e-car is that you can charge it overnight at home and never again use traditional gas stations with their inconveniences and long queues. This auto will provide you with an excellent driving experience. Rent a Tesla Model 3 now in Berlin!


    • Acceleration 3.1s 0-60 mph.
    • Range 315 miles.
    • Drive Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive.
    • Seating 5 Adults.
    • Wheels 20″

    Location: Salzburg, Austria