Rent a Tesla Model S 75 in Münster

rent a Tesla model s 75 in Münster

Rent a Tesla Model S 75 in Münster

Per Day Rate
250€ / Day 400km
Per Weekend Rate
450€ / Weekend 1.200km
Per Week Rate
1.000€ / week 2.800km
Per Month Rate
2.500€ / Month 12.000km
Extra KM
midnight silver pain
panoramic roof
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    Rent a Tesla Model S 75 in Münster

    The S model is an excellent electric car with a high-strength architecture that ensures front impact protection, side impact protection and low risk of rollover. The S 75 model makes it possible to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds. This is the fastest vehicle acceleration in the world.

    This car has five seats in its cabin, offers a Tesla driver a 17-inch touchscreen and a spectacular glass roof. This car gives you a great driving experience. Rent a Tesla Model S 75 in Münster!


    • Acceleration 4.6 seconds 0-100km/h
    • Range 400 km
    • 475 PS
    • Rear-Wheel Drive
    • top speed: 225 km/h

    minimum age: 20 years

    Location: Münster