Rent a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous in Stuttgart now

Rent a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous in Stuttgart now

Per Hour Rate
199€ / Hour 50km
Per Day Rate
349€ / Day 100km
Per Weekend Rate
799€ / Weekend 1599€
Per Week Rate
500km / week
21'' wheels
autopilot 2.5 incl. software paket
Premium Connectivity Paket
772 bhp
full equipment
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In the early people laughed at them, nowadays they took a leading position in the branch of electric cars: Tesla stands for ultimative innovations in automobile production that are not only environmentally-friendly but also reach the German premium brands in things like manufacturing quality and prestige! So instead of immediately buying one you can just rent a Tesla model S and have a test ride!

One of the newest creations from the Tesla family is called Model S P100D and combines what seems sheer not combinable: A defining silhouette like a sports car optics, a fully equipped (up to) 7-seater-interior and (powered by some insane 772 bhp!!) as well some driving performances like a real supercar at zero emmissions! You should definitely need to try this future of mobility now and test drive a Tesla (or even better: rent it …) to get to know why this young brand is so unbelievable successful!

  • 2x electric drivetrains
  • 772 bhp
  • All-wheel-drive
  • 0-100 km/h in 2,6s
  • Top speed over 250 km/h

Location: Stuttgart

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