Rent a Tesla Model 3 in Freiburg

Tesla Model 3 in Freiburg

Rent a Tesla Model 3 in Freiburg

Per Day Rate
90€ / Day 200km
Per Weekend Rate
270€ / Weekend 700km
Per Week Rate
630€ / week 1.500km
Extra KM
rear-wheel drive
top speed over 225km/h
premium audio system
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    Rent a Tesla Model 3 in Freiburg

    The primary concern of the Model 3 design is safety. The metal cabin ensures impact protection and a low risk of rollover. The combination of aluminum and steel guarantees the strength of the rigid structure on top. The Model 3 has several options, including all-wheel drive, power interruptions, and over-turbine wheels. The full carbon spoiler gives the Model 3 the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just 5.6 seconds.

    Tesla Model 3 also has a twin motor for powerful performance and redundancy. Model 3 is fully electric and environmentally friendly; The main advantage of the electric car is that you can charge it at home overnight and never again use conventional gas stations with their inconvenience and long queues. This car gives you a great driving experience. Rent a Tesla Model 3 in Freiburg now!


    • top speed 225km/h
    • Acceleration 5.6s 0-100 mph.
    • Range 600 km.
    • rear-wheel drive
    • Seating 5 Adults.

    Location: Freiburg