Mercedes AMG GT-S voucher 4 laps racetrack training

Mercedes AMG GT-S voucher 4 laps racetrack training




Mercedes AMG GT-S racetrack training4 laps

The motorsport tradition of the so called “silver arrows” had its beginnings already a century ago and is held up high with the F1 racing team of Mercedes-AMG still today. So it´s even more astonishing that – beside some really rare special models – there was no real sports car in the model range of Mercedes that was able to compete with the legendary Porsche 911. Even the big competitor Audi is offering this with the Audi R8 since a few years. But then the AMG GTS came with a big boom: A shearly not-ending bonnet with a massive powerdome, a short and crispy rear-end and a lot of details that simply made a coherent package. That´s how a supercar should look like!

What is included in this gift voucher?

You acquire an unforgettable ride in the Mercedes AMG GTS on the racetrack, the experience takes place at the STC Motodrom / Spreewaldring!

We want you to get the best gift idea without any additional costs you didn´t know about. Because of that we include the following features in our Mercedes AMG gift voucher:

  1. ride on the race track in an Mercedes AMG for 4 laps including a personal instructor
  2. detailed instruction in the car
  3. driver coaching & theory briefing included

  4. enough time for pictures & videos
  5. No deposit required!
  6. No deadline – can be redeemed individually

  7. Petrol costs are include

Locations for Mercedes AMG racetrack trainings in Germany

With a wide range of locations, we really want to give everyone who is interested the chance to redeem their dream car at a location of their choice. This is currently possible in:

  • STC Motodrom (Spreewaldring) near Berlin
  • Racepark in Meppen (Emsland)

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